This is our discontinued line of commercial and industrial products.  Click on the links to get more details on the product



JW-Series Balance


Top Loading Balance, 1/30,000 resolution, g, pcs, %, ct, oz, toz, kg, GN, dwt, lb, fast and accurate.




Top Loading Counting Balance, 1/100,000 resolution, counting balance, red LED displays, accurate and easy to use.





Fast accurate bench scale, 1/3000 resolution, VFD display, rugged construction, tilting display head.






Fast accurate high resolution indicator, 1/200,000 internal counts, easy to program, flexible functions.




Extremely-low-profile, Stainless Steel platforms, standard load cell, 50 lb, 100, lb, 300 lb, rugged construction.



CTS-10 Portion Control Slicer Kit

10 lb portion control scale and indicator, includes mounting bracket